Toshiba Company History

Toshiba is a Japanese company that manufactures and markets a variety of electrical equipment and sophisticated electronic products, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Toshiba is rated as the world’s 7th largest integrated manufacturer of electrical equipment, electronics and chip maker. Toshiba Semiconductor including 20 major leaders of the world’s semiconductor sales.

Toshiba was formed in 1939, is the result of a merger of two companies. Tokyo Denki is a company engaged in consumer goods and machinery companies Shibaura Seisakusho. Take a few letters in front of each company “TO” and “Shiba” it gives birth to the Toshiba brand. In 1984 the company was officially changed to Toshiba Corporation. The group strongly through internal growth and through acquisition of heavy engineering company and primary industry firms in the 1940s and the 1950s. Then in the 1970s and onwards, the subsidiary began to be established, namely: group Toshiba Lighting & Technology (1989), Toshiba Carrier Corporation (1999), Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corp. (2001), Toshiba Solutions Corp. (2003), Toshiba Medical Systems Corp. (2003) and Toshiba Materials Co. Ltd. (2003).

Toshiba Corporation is a diversified manufacturer and marketer of digital products, electronic devices and components, systems of social infrastructure and Home appliances. As a founder and leading innovator in portable computing and networking products, expertise notebook, PC, and PC servers for home, office and mobile users. Toshiba Qosmio Notebook PCs lead the way in the convergence of computing and capability, offering consumers a complete personal entertainment solution. Meanwhile, the series’ Thin and Light “brings a high level of mobility and durability to notebook PCs for business use in this era.

Toshiba produces all kinds of laptops, the Libretto models are cute and ultra-portable up to multimedia models Qosmio cool. Toshiba laptops are also popular in America and Europe. Are users looking for a desktop replacement, laptop for student or laptop for gaming, there will be something suitable for them among a series of countless such as Toshiba Libretto, Portege, Qosmio, Satellite and Portege.

Toshiba Laptops Different models are available in the market:

* Toshiba Satellite: Toshiba Satellite Notebook
If you want quality products, high tech, affordable, stylish design and solid performance Toshiba Satellite is the answer. This laptop can run the most complex business applications, storing large documents, have digital media files and software productivity.

* Toshiba Tecra: Laptop Toshiba Tecra

This laptop has the added advantage of mobility with durability that can replace high-end desktop computer. Toshiba Tecra notebook for business is professional, reliable, with high durability which nowadays is a demand bisnia.

* Toshiba Qosmio: Laptop Toshiba QosmioThis laptop has an average weight of about 4.4 kg. The gamers, programmers who need high technology, and photo and video editors who require mobility in the work are in need of this laptop.

* Toshiba Portege: Laptop Toshiba PortegeThis laptop has a lightweight and stylish design. This laptop can be a perfect companion for those who are frequently mobile for business purposes. With a stunning display for work and play. matches you have the mania gamers.

This laptop has a good processing speed, has a hard drive with enough capacity for storing documents, digital media files, and productivity software. In addition, he also supported the graphics are stunning, and high-speed Internet connection with a charming design and can be proud of the wearer.


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